I find myself at a really odd cross roads.  There is great change coming soon.  More than that I can’t say.  One day I will.  If you know me well, you probably know some of what’s been happening.  So enough said.

Life often seems surreal.  Often full of pain and fear and heart ache.  Often I am confronted with just how little control over life things I have.  And at moments like those I realize again and again how very important having God in my life is.

How important and precious God is!  I can’t imagine going through this experience without Him.  That’s a little self focused perhaps.  But it’s real.

Ah, I know what I wanted to say.  I’m looking forward to one, hopefully soon, to close this chapter of my life.  Hoping to be able to get my new marching orders soon.  A new leg of the journey.  New discoveries.  New challenges to be sure….but new joys also.

But it all, all, all comes through Jesus and by Jesus.  He is the vine and I am the branches.  I must do all that I do as unto Him.  I pray that every step that I take will be his.  I pray that every word I speak will be his.  I pray that every thought I have will be pleasing to him.  And when I fail, which I know will be often, I pray to know whose yoke I have upon me to trust in.

Peace to you today, fellow sojourner!