This just in found from Bill Bean’s “store” and NPR:

A few months ago, a Chicago graduate student auctioned off a chance to save his soul on eBay, and an ex-pastor in Seattle was the lucky bidder. Both started out with their own secret motive, but through the exchange, they’ve developed a unique relationship. Independent producer Blake Farmer caught up with the men to find out what they’re doing now.

Listen to the report here.

Fascinating story on how a Seattle Pastor, Jim Henderson won a bid for over $500 placed by a self avowed Atheist, Hemant Mehta who pledged to attend one hour of religious services for every $10 of the winning bid. There is some very interesting content in the 8 minutes or so on the radio spot. Both Henderson and Mehta have very good insights.

Incidentally, Mehta has a blog here. And Henderson has written a book on the topic.