I almost made it in yesterday.  I was even writing and then got side tracked elsewhere.  It’s surprising how busy one can be during a government shutdown.  There have been some difficult things happening to our family lately, not the least of which was two car accidents and weird things happening to my mail, and of course, the government shutdown with no end in sight (with Trump’s legendary stubborness who knows).  Well, the point of this post is not to gripe.  But hopefully to orient myself back to the bright light of Christ.  No matter what is happening he is able to “do exceedingly, abundantly above and beyond what we can ask or think of”  and “nothing is too difficult for God”.  That is not to say that I am expecting deliverance as such.  I do hope and pray that God will see us all through this muck.  He certainly has been there for us in the past.  True faith clings to Christ even when things get difficult.  It doesn’t mean that we won’t be afraid, angry, sad or any other emotion.  It just means that we remain steadfastly attuned to Christ.  And that is what I plan to do.  Peace out.