What do you know?  This poor, old, neglected blog still works.  It’s like coming upon an old telephone booth and finding that it still has a dial tone and makes calls.  It actually seems a bit magical.

I awoke at 5 am this morning burgeoning with thoughts that were overcrowding my headspace.  So, here I am in hopes to exercise them.  What to write?  Hmmm…not sure.  I guess I’ll start somewhere.

I watched the movie Boyhood last night which was very well done.  No, I’m not going to do a movie review.  Perhaps another time.  I did really like the dialogue between the main character when he is a middle schooler and his father that went something like,

Boy:  “Dad, what do you think about magic?  I mean do you think elves are real?”

Dad:  “Why not?  Why can’t elves be real?  After all, we have things like whales.  I mean, what if you didn’t know what a whale was and I told you that there was a creature that lived beneath the ocean waves, sings, finds things with sonar, and has a heart so big that man can crawl into its aorta, would you believe me?”

Aha!  Belief!  Magic!  Faith!  That’s awesome!  Life is magical!  There is much to get excited for in life.  Even at my, *ahem*, middle-aged’ness, there is much magic.  Today is a gift and what might it hold?  I guess that’s up to me.

Sooooo…in a way, I’m grateful for this government shutdown.  It has afforded me the time to just take a breather and look at things.  Refocus, retool and get a new perspective.  I don’t want to squander my time.  It’s astonishing, but I’ve started unraveling the tasks to form my ritual to-do list and there is still plenty to keep me occupied.  So, maybe the trick is scheduling time for magic to occur.  Scheduling time to just be.

Btw, if you are reading this, and I thank you fellow intrepid sojourner for reading this, I do highly recommend that you see Boyhood if you haven’t already.  It’s full of good stuff.

I hope to return here at least once each day and scribe some thoughts.  It’s time to get the juices flowing again.