I feel myself drawn by an awakening hunger for deeper spiritual connection to God.  I feel drawn to spiritual discipline.  I resonate with the need to declutter my life, get more balanced, more centered on Christ.  I like the idea of a spiritual rule in that it puts activity to belief, a sense of belonging with other Christians all over the world and belonging to God most of all.

This is my, 4th day of keeping at least two “offices” a day.  My goal is to eventually keep three.  I’ve been using Shane Clairbornes app that utilizes part of the Book of Common Prayer that and the Northumbria Prayer Book.  It is mystical and supernatural.  Prayer is connection to God and scripture is the set apart Word of God written to human-kind.  It is the place where heaven meets earth.

Which leads me to point of contemplation.  The course I’m going through calls Lindisfarne the “Holy Island”.  I will answer the point that Lindisfarne is just a place and it’s not magic.  And that is true in the sheer, literal sense.  But, Lindisfarne IS significant if alone for it’s historic value.  And, to me, it represents a place which was a bright moment in the history of my faith.  Further, that ancientness is informing my faith today.  Not to recreate that old practice.  But to take the philosophic heart of much of it and let it change me.  I believe that this reflects the heart of God.  It is a way to develop the mind of Christ and strengthening of faith and resisting evil etc.  So, perhaps, Lindisfarne is significant more as a symbolic place.  A pathway that winds through space and time to my present reality.  And I hunger for this path.  I hunger for simplicity, and deeper meaning, and mission, and intimacy with God and peace with all human-kind, and care for creation, and creativity, and more.  It is w/holistic, and wild like the Spirit Himself.

I may never visit literal Lindisfarne.  But, I do think seeking refuge and retreat for the hectic day to day pace of normal life is important.  To seek those “thin places” where heaven is close to the earth.  Small moments of this can be experienced any time, any where. I am experiencing them quite a lot lately.  They are like streams of water flowing through the dry dusty desert of my life.  And that is a glorious thing.

So, fellow sojourner, stay tuned if you will.  I’m sure I will have more to say as time progresses.  Peace to you.