I am returning to my blog after what seems like forever. It’s actually only been since January. I recently joined a class that is connected to the Holy Isle of Lindisfarne community. This class is more of an introspective journey. It comes at just the right time. As part of the process I will be assigned a mentor and I will choose a friend to journey with and whom I am accountable to. I think I really need that. To be honest, since my Mom died two years ago, I’ve been experiencing a lot of depression and a crisis of faith. I’ve been praying for a sense of direction and purpose. This could be just what I’ve been needing. I sure hope so. Any how, I just renewed the yearly fee on this blog, so I hope to use it to share bits and pieces of insights. I don’t know whom be reaching, but I might reach out to select people here and there. I’m not the same person I was when I first started blogging over 10 years ago. But, that’s ok. Someone in my class said “God continually reinvents us over time”. Time to delve into that.