I find myself now in a new season of life. It is a season of change. It is exciting and yet quite exhausting. One major change has been that I have accepted a new job. There are so many good things that come with this new position. It’s like a clean slate, a new beginning, a chance to learn and experience new things etc. But it’s so easy to see this from a selfish point of view. But God has reminded me today of the true reason why this job has come. It’s actually really easy to figure out. It is a job that helps bring food to needy people. That’s right, feeding the poor. Literally bringing food to feed people. That is true kingdom work. The Bible speaks tons about this. For some reason, I’m finding myself drawn to the passage where Jesus is asking Peter three times “do you love me”. And, you know the passage, Peter is frustrated when he rounds to answer Jesus the third time. I totally get his frustration, for I hate having my word questioned especially when it deals with my character. But, in this case, Jesus has every right to be a little hard on Peter for it’s right after Peter betrayed him. So, I can imagine Peter, full of his own pride, and probably tons of shame, and being faced with Jesus confronting him. Finally, I see Peter breaking down and saying from a gut wrenching level, “Yes! Yes! Lord, you know I love you!”. Then, once Peter is essence is repenting, Jesus finally says “Feed my sheep”. I can relate to that, for I hear Jesus saying that, “feed my sheep”. Not that I’ve betrayed him, but let’s face it, we all actually have any time that we sin…which is often. Any time I find myself thinking “what’s in it for me?” that’s pride. So, here Jesus is again saying “feed my sheep”. And here I am, humbled again, saying, “Yes, Lord”.