I’m in San Diego with Amy.  Great vacation.  It has been a much needed respite.  So, very many good things.  It’s such a beautiful city.  I always loved San Diego growing up.  But it’s like experiencing it anew with Amy.  So, wonderful to share it with her.

The ocean was incredible yesterday.  The tide, in and out, were like a reminder of the rhythms of life. I did my best to just exist in the moment and soak it all in.  My goal is to take a bit of the ocean away away in my heart.  Or perhaps, it will take me away with it.

I’m still experiencing some mild anxiety about the possibility of a new job.  Weird, b/c I’ve wanted a new job so badly.  But it does come with some degree of a learning curve.  It will be a challenge.  And there is fear in it.  Could it be that real faith is not the absence of fear, anxiety and other negative feelings?  Perhaps faith is more about walking out into the unknown and trusting God.  I do think that that trust is well founded though.  Jesus has always been there for me in the past.  He will continue to be there.