I love the following quote from Sarah Bessey:

“My faith is now a dance between the Holy Spirit and the Scriptures and my community, it’s alive. I’m being changed from the inside out, and I want to prophetically live the ways of Jesus into every corner of my small existence. I know where I belong and I know my true identity at last.”

That’s a statement worthy of being an anthem. I love the imagery of this quote of working with God being like a dance. My GF Amy and I have enjoyed some dancing together. She’s a marvelous dancer and has taught me a step or two. And though rough and novice as I am as a dancer, I see the power in this kind of methaphor. The steps, the swing, the motion…all speak of holy momentum (applied to as a spiritual metaphor). A purpose and plan to it…and a joy in it as well. We must be in step with out Savior. He is leading…we follow. We do dancing as well. And it is work…vigorous at times in step with the music. And if we are new to a dance it may take concerted thought as well. Step, 1, 2, 3…swing.

The inside out part is one that is huge in my church community. We hear that a lot at Catalyst. And it’s an important one. So much of the Kingdom life (especially from an NT perspective) is heart focused. For example, it’s no longer the law of Moses but the law of the Spirit. It’s the circumcision of our hearts now. God sees the heart and is not so concerned with the exterior. Whole books could be written on this. But suffice it to say that the exterior is where far too many believers seem to be fixated. Talk this way, dress this way, do this, don’t do that. And though those things have a place at times in the larger scheme of things….it’s really missing the point. It’s not what you do that’s important to God as much as who you are.

Next, living out one’s life prophetically into every corner of our small existance. Very well said! Love the humility and the responsibility of that. It is somehow acknowledging that we can’t do everything…but we can do something. And that we are stewards over what God has given us. Blooming where we are planted as it were. It reminds me of how Jesus said that a good tree cannot produce bad fruit. We are expected by God to produce fruit. But we are just one tree in a vast Vineyard.

Finally, the last line is very poignant in deed. Knowing who we are in Christ is so very critical. This is a point I come to time and time and time again. It has so many applications in life! Just one for me is not worrying about what people think or say about me so much as what God thinks and says about me. It’s the process of pleasing God far above what others think. My goal is to know purpose and identity in Christ so deeply that all other human beings are colored by that realization. So that if harsh or cruel things are said, it just falls under the subjection of Christ.

And that’s a nice summation to the whole quote perhaps. That if Christ is all in all, and if we can live in that truth…we will dance and sing and live in that reality. We will not need to have prolonged anger, or jealousy, bitterness or resentment….or any other darkness in our lives. We can truly live as sons and daughters of the light and feel no shame or fear in that.

I’ll end this with yet one more quote from one of my favorite singer/song writers, Kemper Crabb:

“We must dance, dance, dance, dance in God’s honor. We must yield all of our steps unto the King. We must dance, dance, dance, dance in God’s honor. Let His praises ring through out the Earth!”