I came across an old lit service that I wrote a few years ago and in it was a quote from a poem written by Joy Cowley called Spring Time Jesus that is worth quoting:

You, Springtime Jesus,

just as I’d settled down for winter,

you broke into my heart

and danced your love right across it

in a mad excess of giving.

Just as I’d got comfortable

with bare branches and unfeeling,

just as my world was neatly black and white,

there you were,

kicking up flowers

all over the place.

Springtime Jesus,

I tried to find a way to tell you

that there were places

where you could or would not dance.

I wanted to guide you on my paths

and have you sign the visitors’ book;

but you laughed right through my words

and sang to me your melting song,

causing sap to fire the branches,

causing the flames of buds

to flicker into green bonfires,

causing a windquake of blossom,

causing burstings, searings, breakings,

causing growth‑pain,

causing life.

Springtime Jesus,

the fullness of life can be frightening

and I’m lacking in courage.

It isn’t easy to live with a heart

that’s wide open to invasion.

Teach me, Jesus, how to move with you,

step for step, in your love dance.

Touch my fears with your melting song.

Gift me with your laughter,

and, in the mystery of your Springtime,

show me the truth of the blossoming Cross.