Was listening to A.W. Tozer this morning from his insightful Knowledge of the Holy. And something struck me powerfully. Tozer spoke about John’s description of “God is love”. He says that people often mistake this passage to mean that God is himself only love.  As if he were some slave to one attribute alone.  But this is meant to only be representative of God.  In that sense, the word “love” is meant to be a picture or a symbol representing God.  That is to say that God is so loving that he can be said to be synonymous with love.   Remember, God’s true nature is far beyond our comprehension.  We cannot possibly know all there is of him.  But this errant view that God is somehow only love or completely love presupposes that somehow we can.  But this notion falls short.   Tozer says that to say that God is somehow mathmatically equivalent to love is to say that he can’t be anything else. Which, ofcourse, is sheer absurdity. God is many things….though He is indeed loving. And the degree of His love too is beyond our reckoning.

Much could be said beyond this. For God loved us first before we ever loved Him. He loved us before we were born….before time even. He loves us still enough to pay the ultimate ransom for us. To sacrifice Himself for us. He is the very picture of the adoring Father of the lost son who runs to meet his child from afar off. He is ever kind, ever patient, ever desiring of our company. Which, if you think about it, is truly amazing. Because God does not need us. He needs nothing. He desires us none the less. He wants to be in communion with us.

What a joy! What a priveledge to be in relationship with the Most High! To intimately be able to know the Creator of all that exists. To listen to and hear from and be taught by the Teacher of all teachers. To befriend the greatest of Kings! To be intimate with the greatest of all lovers.

No wonder so many hymns and songs of worship speak of this. One of my favorites simply starts:

Here is love vast the ocean…

God’s love is vast. And it is beyond our comprehension. But is offered to us….still free of charge. Still personified in that God is real and is there. His love protects us, embraces us, grows us, fulfills us and allows us to love in turn.