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Sunday, June 27th, 2010

The Road

Watched The Road Fri night.  It was a very well done movie and superbly acted by Viggo Mortensen.  And it was also very disturbing containing many very heavy, mature themes.  It is a very dark movie that had some very surprising spiritual elements.  Discussion of God is woven in throughout the movie. It could easily […]

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Sunday, June 27th, 2010

Partnering with God

Last night at LGBC we all left with the question “how am I partnering with God?”.  That was actually taken from the study notes that came out of the “Trees” addition of Rob Bell’s Nooma series.  I am finding this to be a remarkably hard question to answer.  In part b/c it’s so very broad.  […]

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Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Giving away Monkey Town

Big Mama is giving away a copy of Evolving in Monkey Town.  Very cool!  I sure hope I win.  🙂

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